I can’t believe I had to scroll through a metric ass-ton of screens just to get instructions on how to cook beans. We live in dark times.

What you need

  • Some kind of dried bean:
    • Kidney
    • Canelli
    • Black
    • Pinto
  • (Optional) bay leaves, garlic, and/ or onion

    Do this

  • Rinse your beans and make sure there are no rocks in there
  • Add beans to Instant Pot
  • Add water: for a pound (~2 cups) of beans, you need 8 cups of water
  • Add bay leaves/ garlic/ onion if you’re using them
  • Set Instant Pot to high pressure for the following times:
    • Kidney: 30 minutes
    • Canelli: 35 minutes
    • Black: 25 minutes
    • Pinto: 30 minutes
  • After time is up, you can quick release the pressure if you’re impatient for beans

    There. Beans. That was hard.