by @gnuconsulting

But just buy it from the store, seriously.

What you need

  • 3 or 4 large eggs
  • 10 oz all-purpose flour

Do this

  • Make a mound of the flour, creating a well in the middle
  • Yes, just like your baking soda volcano “science experiment” in elementary
  • Crack three of the eggs into the well
  • Slowly mix with a fork, to make a dough ball
  • If it’s dry, add the yolk from the fourth egg
  • If it’s still too dry, add the white
  • I guess keep going with more eggs if it’s still too dry (how much flour did you use???)
  • You could also do all of this in a mixer
  • Once it forms a ball, knead for 15 to 20 minutes (yeah, definitely use a mixer)
  • Wrap it in plastic, let it rest on the counter for 30 minutes
  • Cut about a fourth of the ball off
  • Roll it out with a pasta machine! Done!
  • You don’t have a pasta machine because you’re a normal human being?
  • Roll it out on a floured surface, like a large cutting board
  • Roll dough out in one direction
  • Flip it over and roll it out in the other
  • Flip it again, turn it 90 degrees, and so on
  • You’re stretching the dough until it is very thin
  • Like, thin enough to see the grains of the cutting board through it
  • That’s thin!
  • Slice into strips with a very sharp knife
  • Repeat three more times with the rest of the dough
  • Use in any recipe that asks for fresh pasta
  • Realize you really, really should have just bought it at the store

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