What you need

  • Sushi rice
  • Nori (seaweed sheets, not the snack food)
  • Some sort of filling. I like takana, but you can use sushi grade raw fish, canned tuna, etc.
  • (Optional) Furikake. If you can’t find it locally, there are many varieties on Amazon

Do this

  • Cook your rice. If you have an instant pot, you can use my How to Cook Grains in an Instant Pot recipe
  • Let the rice cool enough so you don’t burn your hands touching it
  • Spinkle in the furikake if you’re using it, and mix in with your hands
  • Wet your hands and rub a bit of salt between them
  • Grab a fistful sized amount of rice and form into a ball
  • Squash the ball flat and press a divot in the center
  • Place your fillings in the divot
  • Fold rice over the fillings and form into a triangle
  • Wrap your rice triangle in the nori. I prefer wrapping the whole thing, but you can do the landing strip: 🍙